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Be glad you didn’t get married in Reno, NV in the 1940’s (VIDEO)

(Thanks to Matt & Jentry for posting this video. Ironically enough, they are wedding photographers from...of course...Reno, NV - they are great, check them out HERE) Check out this funny video from 1943 shown on

“Morning After” Wedding Photography?

Photography by MICHELLE JONNÉ Now we've heard of everything. Apparently there is a new trend in the wedding photography industry where couples schedule a photo shoot the morning after their wedding for some

Will you survive a zombie attack on your wedding day?

Apparently the people over at the national Center for Disease Control are bored with the animal flu scares (swine flu, bird flu, etc.) and is now very concerned that you survive a possible zombie attack on

Wedding Photographer FAIL (VIDEO)

Okay, some may argue that a mishap at a wedding isn't funny AT ALL. We can understand that coming from a future bride's perspective. So, in going with that, we figured that since this is clearly not


Milestones DJ had the pleasure of performing again for Pride Industries in Sacramento. This time it was their holiday party. Milestones DJ also performs their summer dance in June. Not only is this a great

Grocery Outlet Goes Bridal

If you are in the Northern California area, you may be familiar with Grocery Outlet - a bargain grocery store. Apparently they feel the need to get into the bargain bridal arena and will be

Wedding Gowns and…Mayonnaise?

When we think of Costco Wholesale stores, we think of giant vats of mayonnaise, 80-pack bundles of toilet paper and those flat-bed trollies that help us cart the stuff around the humongous warehouse store. Now

Sweet Wedding Story

Gaylord & Judy Last night Milestones DJ performed at a wedding in Nevada City at the Elk's Lodge. The couple, Gaylord & Judy, had known each other in high school, but never dated.

Seeking Bridesmaids (craigslist)

We came across this hilarious posting in Reader's Digest. It's a classified ad that was posted on Craig's List. Looking For Bridesmaids "My fiance and I are getting married in June. He has eight groomsmen lined

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