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Lip-Dub Wedding Proposal (VIDEO)

This is a very cute and unique wedding proposal. Check it out:

Wedding Follies: Waffly Wedded (VIDEO)

Here's a video blowing up YouTube these days. The groom gets a bit thrown by the officiant and laughter ensues.

Downtown Disney Proposal (VIDEO)

What a way to propose! A Downtown Disney flash mob? Sure, why not...

Be glad you didn’t get married in Reno, NV in the 1940’s (VIDEO)

(Thanks to Matt & Jentry for posting this video. Ironically enough, they are wedding photographers from...of course...Reno, NV - they are great, check them out HERE) Check out this funny video from 1943 shown on

Wedding Photographer FAIL (VIDEO)

Okay, some may argue that a mishap at a wedding isn't funny AT ALL. We can understand that coming from a future bride's perspective. So, in going with that, we figured that since this is clearly not

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