When we think of Costco Wholesale stores, we think of giant vats of mayonnaise, 80-pack bundles of toilet paper and those flat-bed trollies that help us cart the stuff around the humongous warehouse store. Now we can also think of…wedding gowns. Yes, the world has come to an end – Costco is now in the wedding gown business.

Kirkland, Washington based Costco teamed up with “celebrity” wedding gown designer Kirstie Kelly (ever heard of her? neither have we) to produce six different style wedding gowns which will reportedly be sold for 40% off retail prices. The gowns will sell from $699-$1,399 and will come in sizes 2-24 with materials made up of organza, satin and taffeta.

Now don’t go running out to the nearest Costco to buy your dress – for now it’s a traveling trunk show, but Costco says they plan to eventually have them in every location. Our question: Where will you try these dresses on, the meat locker?

Check out the six wedding gown styles below and make up your own mind.


Gowns offered at Costco Wholesale

Gowns offered at Costco Wholesale